Smartphone Videos THat ROCK YOUR MARKETING - PART 1


In this two-hour workshop you will get a greater understanding about the creation of promotional and informational videos. Whether you work with a professional producer or take the DIY path, you want to craft your videos for maximum effectiveness and creativity.

Video dominates the internet, especially social media. It's estimated that video accounts for 80% of all online traffic. A 1-minute video on a website or social media post is worth 1.8 million words. Moreover, video has a retention rate of 95% compared to a mere 10% retention for text only. 

Before you just set up a camera/smartphone and begin talking consider that monologue-style videos are only one type of video you can create. Moreoover, with the ease of this type of video, everyone is doing it. What are you doing to stand out and be noticed with your videos?

The mantra of scriptwriters and filmmakers is "show, don't tell." Story-driven videos are entertaining, informative and make an emotional connection with your audience.

During this workshop, Kim Wilson makes the case for using well-crafted and high quality videos to promote your business, products, services and events. You will:

  • learn how to integrate video into your marketing 
  • discover the various types of creative videos you can make
  • get an overview of a video production
  • achieve greater clarity on your own video marketing ideas
  • create some actionable items to begin developing your own story-driven videos



Provides clairy of messaging for people who aren't sure what to do or how to get started

You've started making videos and want more  engagement

You want to create higher quality videos

Discover the various types of videos you can create.

You'd like to know how to create a story-driven video.