Five-Month Comprehensive and Intensive Program

It’s more imperative than ever that as a business owner you use marketing videos for promotion, information and inspiration. The smartphone you carry with you everyday has amazing capabilities, all you need are the skills to create compelling and engaging videos.

This 5-month program offers extensive instruction and practice in create eye-catching marketing videos with your iOS or Android mobile device. This program includes:


Workshop #1 - Developing Your Marketing Video Projects  

Workshop #2 - Bring Your Story-Drive Videos to Life (with best production practices)

Workshop #3 - Editing - Where Your Story Comes Together

Video Reviews and Graduation 

6) Accountability Calls

2) 1-1 Zoom Consultation Calls with Kim Wilson   

Access to Training Videos in Private Vimeo Channel    

Working/Accountability Groups - your schedule

Private FB Group

BONUS Virtual Training - Gaining clients on social media with Diana Morgan 

BONUS Video Performance Coaching with Elaine Hauseman (only available during 2-Day Workshop)

You Will Learn:

- Why you plan before you shoot

- How to write concise scripts with precise messaging 

- To pre-visualize your video with storyboards & shot lists

- How to schedule multiple video shoots to save time & money

Your Will Receive Instruction:

- On various settings in your camera app

- On the rules of composition

- Best Lighting Techniques

- For capturing good quality audio

You Will Have A Chance to Practice:

- Working with interior lights

- Recording multiple clips to tell your story

- Using various stabilizing equipment

- Editing on your phone and/laptop

You will resources resources for

- Phone and computer software 

- Choosing your optimum vIdeo rig

- online tools

Knowing how to develop a project and understadning the ins and outs ot the complete video production process will serve you, whether you continue to make markting videos with your smartphone or eventually hire professionals. 



WORKSHOP #1 - April 26, 2019      10am-5pm

WORKSHOP #2- June 7-8, 2019       9am-6pm

WORKSHOP #3 - July 27, 2019         9am-5pm

VIDEO REVIEWS - August, 16 2019       1-4pm

WHERE: Cinematic Lifestyle Imagery 

52 Jess Ave. Petaluma, CA.


(April 16, May 7, May 17, June 18, July 9, August 6)


(Email to request multi-pay option - $2,997)